Step in to Navy Jerry’s and a whole new world opens up before you, an eclectic blend of pacific kitsch and naval officer’s mess. The cozy Tiki Bar whisks you straight off to Hawaii and, with its extensive list of exotic cocktails and classic drinks shaken (or stirred!) by the most awesome bartenders in the country, is well worth a visit. Move on to the main lounge and you’re in an exclusive Officer’s Club, with its luxurious overstuffed chairs and sofas it’s the perfect place to kick back and relax, shoot some pool on the free table or try your luck in the bowling alley. Check out Navy Hero’s bar, it’s a scale model of an aircraft carrier and don’t forget to look down as you place your order, the footrest is a torpedo!

The music is the best of the 50’s and 60’s, everything from Rockabilly to Motown with live bands and DJ’s performing several times a week. From the galley good, wholesome Polynesian chow (with a distinctly American twist) is served late in to the night. Navy Jerry’s seats 140 and is open from 6pm till 4am every day.